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La Familia Rstika
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The new work from La Familia Rustika goes by the name Sin Rumba Fija, by now a departure from their way of deftly navigating the harbour in a small boat with harmonies and lyrics, and moving on to higher seas churned up by salsa, bossa, tango and funk, until they have reached the ears of those listening and provoked just what their songs intend to make us feel. And dance.

Created in 2002 and with two discs and an EP to their name, which they self produced (Ya lleg!2005, Ya se fue2006 and Ep! 2007), this, their first official album is without a doubt a disc bathed in the Mediterranean. Its mature lyrics are the namesake of the style adopted by the group, Rumba Adltera (Adulterous Rumba), a play on words reflecting their tendency, on the one hand, to be intimately united to this rhythm, but also in step with others and other diverse styles, and on the other, the weight of lyrics that depart from the canon in order to explore experiences and feelings that are common, but uniquely manifested by the coarse, nocturnal style of Dani Txarneg, the composer.

Many friends of the band have left their mark on the 14 themes on this disc: Wagner P, from Brazuca Matraca (on Tu ranita encantada), the accordion and voice of Joan Garriga, from La Troba Kung F (on Porteo de Barcelona), the Flamenco singing and beat of Kike Jaleito, from Jaleo Real (on Si me lo pidieras), the characteristic voices of Josele Sangesa and Carlos Payo Yey, respectively from Canbala and El To Carlos, (on Memorias), the feminine voices of Mamen Cases, from Tenguerengue (on El Ego Azul), and of Rita el Jebari (on Madrugada), the Cuban tres of Orbe Ortiz, from Radio Malanga and Dusminguet (on Haciendo Glh), the percussionist Flor Inza, from La Troba Kung F (on Madrugada andTu ranita encantada), along with the trombone of Albert Costa and the sax of Victor Bauz (Always Drinking Marxing Band), and the razor sharp trumpet of  Maral Muoz (Arangu), not to forget the palms and priceless jaleo of Vicente and Fabio.

The disc was recorded at Canet Studios in Mollet de Valls by Adri Canet (Macaco, 2inPar), and produced by La Familia Rstika. The mixes were realized by Toti Arimany (La Troba Kung F, Dusminguet, Brazuca Matraca) at La Fourni Studios in La Garriga. Finally, the mastering was the responsibility of the renowned French engineer, Alex Psaroudakis of Hit Makers Bcn Mastering Studio, where he has previously worked with prominent international artists like Paquito dRivera, Bo Diddley, Maria de Medieros and Willie Nelson, as well as national artists like Chano Domnguez, Dani Nello, Tote King, Che Sudaka, La Kinky Beat, La Pegatina, and many more.

La Familia Rstika Sin Rumba Fija is made up of: Dani Txarneg (voice, lyrics and composition), Xavier Monreal (guitars and chorus), Santi Manresa (percussion), Joan Abelln (drums), Miguel Pintxo Villar (sax and chorus), Juan Pablo Balcazar (bass and double bass) and Pep Santiago (keyboards).

Sin rumba fija

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