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La Bundu Band
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Sun Tzu declared in his book, The Art of War, [...] any one that has form can be defined, and any one who can be defined can be defeated [...]. For the second time La Bundu Band has created a work that very clearly defines the common enemy that we have to fight to earn the status of dignified citizen, and they do it using what they do best, making music. Dr. Maynovi and his entourage of electronic Samurai, much like those popularized by Akira Kurosawa, develop a combat strategy based on beats, the rock band, vinyl records and Catalan folkloric instrumentation.
La Bundu Band was born in the mind of Dr. Maynovi (Albert Maynou), while in Skafam, where he played the gralla and drums and simultaneously began experimenting in his studio with different combinations of this traditional Catalan instrument and electronic music, until he started producing the first themes that would become La Bundu Band with the incorporation of Animalnima on guitar, Garbo on bass and Dj Willow. Following its first self-edited work in 2010, Guerrer Rebel (Rebel Warrior), the group presents "Cat Samurai" with the electronic label, New Beats from Kasba Music. It is clearly influenced by European electronic fusion (La Phaze, Asian Dub Foundation) and Catalan protest music (Obrint Pas, Inadaptats...). La Bundu Band weaves its own musical fabric based on beats, guitars and grallas. Under the arm of the expert producer, Charlart58 (La Kinky Beat), the troop unites with other warriors that share with them this expansive journey: lex (Ena), Miquel Girons and Xavi Sarri (Obrint Pas), Gato-el-Qiman, In*Digna, Miriam Matahary (La Kinky Beat), Rude Hi-Fi, Fermin Muguruza and Dubmatix.

La Bundu Band unsheathes its swords to wage war against indifference, intolerance, cynicism, mediocrity and social injustice. Drum'n'bass, jungle, dub, reggae, folk, rap, rock and punk contribute to a disc charged with energy and force from its foundations to the varied shapes of its music.

Labundusacaba (Live In Barcelona)
Sembrant beats... recollint revoluci
Gas i Foc
Cat Samurai

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