Carlos “Undergroove” aka Dabunker, designer of Kasba Music, left us last Sunday.

The farewell ceremony was held at the Memora funeral home in Reus.

Carlos “Undergroove”” Blanco, aka Dabunker, has been the designer of Kasba Music since 2007 and through his hands and through his computer have passed the album covers of Chalart58, Fermin Muguruza, Aiala, La Kinky Beat, Rat-Zinger, Ràbia Positiva and a multitude of other artists, including many artists from Reus such as Fito Luri, José el Chatarra or El Toubab.

In addition, he made hundreds and hundreds of concert posters as well as others made in solidarity to support numerous social causes, because since the end of the eighties, when he was part of the Ateneu Llibertari de Reus, he was always close to social movements and had a special sensitivity for this type of causes.

Born in Palencia in 1970, but arrived in Reus when he was 5 years old, Carlos “Undergroove” died yesterday, February 12, 2023 after suffering a heart attack that forced an emergency surgical intervention that is not known he left…

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