The new LASTA SANCO single is published this Friday.

With it they claim the land, its product and by extension the territory.

It’s called “La Poma” and it’s the first preview of his next album.

Lasta Sanco released their first album a few days before the lockdown was decreed. The circumstances of life made it very difficult for them but they did everything they could to keep their proposal alive and now they prove it to us with the publication of their second full-length that will see the light of day on May 19.
With this album, the group from Cervera wants to present itself as a renewed group, reborn after the nightmare that the pandemic meant, while at the same time claiming its roots, the explicit link with the territory from which it has arisen.
However, they present a new sound without losing the essence that they already showed with that first album, the African rhythmic roots, so present with the figure of Berni, the singer, but now with electronic bases that update multicultural music from the areas of dance music.
A good example of all this is this first single, “La Poma”, sung in Catalan but with small contributions in Lingala, Berni’s familiar language. A radio edit has been made of this song for those who consider it appropriate to use it given that the original version lasts more than 4 minutes.

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