Kasba Music presents Lasta Sanco’s new album

Under the title of “Renéixer” we find a musically renewed and revitalized group in terms of proposal.

“Bana ya monde”, the theme of the video clip that will accompany the album will be one of the songs of the summer.

Renéixer” is Lasta Sanco‘s new work, which will be published on May 19, 2023, and represents the struggle to continue doing what they love most, a declaration of intent with music as a banner. The name of the disc evokes the strength and tenacity that the band has maintained after the root complications of the pandemic context experienced that paralyzed the release of their first full-length. Lasta Sanco is reborn without losing its essence and also offers us a new perspective.

A work full of illusion and which has been engendered and self-produced in Cervera (La Segarra), the band’s native territory which is claimed in several of the songs that make up the album, so not in vain, the renaissance which we are told from the title is that of Lasta Sanco but at the same time also of the land that surrounds them.

The production was carried out by the group’s guitarist and producer Dario Díaz Valverde. The entire recording was done in Cervera, with the technician and sound engineer for the band’s live performances, Manel Pedrós. The mastering was done at Black Box Mastering and the design, photography and video clips are in charge of Núria Pulido, also from Cervera.

With all these local ingredients, Lasta Sanco highlights and claims La Segarra as a living, powerful and creative land: “the east of the west”, that’s how they describe it. A clear vindication of the territory and the pride they feel for it.

His lyrics, created collectively and in the first person, tell us about farming, the love for his city and the experiences lived in it, embracing all emotions as part of life and learning from its transformation and evolution, betting more than ever on the Catalan language, but always keeping in mind Lingala, a Bantu language of Central African origin, and Spanish.

And we finish by inviting you to listen to the radio edit of “Bana ya monde” (“the children of the world”), a song selected for the video clip that will accompany the album and which will most likely become one of the songs of this summer…

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