Ràbia Positiva release this Friday the album “1993-2010”

The Sants group was created 30 years ago and they are celebrating with a record and a concert.
The disc will see the light on vinyl and is a compilation with themes from all his works.

30 years after its creation, the Santsenc group Ràbia Positiva publishes a vinyl with the best tracks of its career…

Ràbia Positiva were created in 1993, two years later, in 1995, they published their first work “La voz de la discórdia”, published in casette format by Tralla Records, which was followed by four studio albums: ” Tiempo al tiempo” (Tralla Records, 1998), “A volar!” (Tralla Records, 2000), “Paraules” (Propaganda, 2002) and “Un altre camí” (Propaganda, 2005). In 2008, Kasba Music published a double (CD + DVD) recorded live under the title “Sentiment, compromís I acció” and finally the group itself with the support of Carnús and Contra published its last album an EP called “Una cançoneta I mo’n anem” (2009).

1993-2010” collects the good and the best of all those works, being at the same time a faithful tour of the group’s trajectory. It is not a compilation of great hits (that too) but it takes us on a journey from the song “Dos estels” belonging to that first demo to “Foc a la barraca”, a theme included in the last work and unique to currently published in vinyl format. In the middle they invite us to remember themes from all their albums but also some of those songs with which they collaborated in compilations through which to grow alternative social proposals such as the CDs “Continuem avançant” or “Cultura de resistència” .

In 2010, Ràbia Positiva ended its career but from that very moment its members decided to continue sporadically offering us what they do best and delighting us with their best songs in sporadic concerts, in this way, once every year the group announces a performance, a very special date for all its followers.

This year, taking advantage of their 30th anniversary, in addition to a date of celebration, Ràbia Positiva offers us this album that does them justice (finally a full-length in vinyl format!!!) while reviewing the intense career (17 years !!!) of one of the most socially inclusive formations in the city of Barcelona in a few years during which many of the proposals that have allowed the city to enjoy the strong neighbourhood networks that it enjoys today came to fruition .

Soundtrack of a generation…

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