You can now watch and listen to “Fins que deixi de fer mal”

It is the first song in Catalan written by Aiala and has the production of beatmaker Scotty DK.

It is part of an EP that will be released in July.

Many times the singer from Barcelona has been asked if she would incorporate Catalan as an artistic language, and many times she has answered that when it came to her mind, she wouldn’t refuse – nothing could be further from the truth – but she had to get out from inside And the time has come, “si vols et canto en Català” (if you want I sing to you in Catalan) sings (the redundancy is worth it) Aiala in this first song, “Fins que deixi de fer mal” (“Until it stops hurting”) composed in his familiar language.

And to present it, he has chosen Scotty DK, beat maker and producer of recognized prestige in the Catalan underground and urban scene. Both, hand in hand, have worked on the singer’s original proposal until giving the final shape to this curious theme, through which Aiala continues to empower herself (“With art emotions are transformed, and with this song I I’ve healed wounds. That’s why, although it doesn’t have happy lyrics, the song has a point of brightness and hope, like the music video”), which drinks from trap but can hardly be classified.

It is not the first time she sings in Catalan, she already did it on the 2021 Marathon album and 2022 Desconcert, but the difference is that now, the theme, she has created.

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