Rapper ENOCH DMK presents his first album live this Friday

“Trimurti” is a rap tribute to many great songs of Spanish music.

The presentation will take place on October 27 at Razzmatazz 3 in Barcelona.

Enoch DMK was born in 1999 in Barcelona, in the Poble Nou district, where he began his artistic career more than 10 years ago and will now present his first album with Curtcircuit in collaboration with Razzmatazzz.

The young artist came into contact with hip hop culture when he spent a season in the USA and was widely attracted by the great figures of American rap. When he returned to Barcelona he became aware of the freestyle competitions that took place around the city and decided to start rapping. Over time, he stopped feeling accomplished with freestyle competitions and began to compose his own songs with other artists from his neighborhood, soon after with Atopiko X he founded the YouTube channel 20 inviernos and began to trace the path that he has led to publishing his first solo album, “Trimurti”, which he now presents.

Trimurti“, which consists of many collaborations with old, although young, national and international artists, is characterized by rap lyrics on mostly boom bap instrumentals, although it also surprises with other styles such as: afrotrap , acoustic, raptechno and other derivations. His lyrics have double meanings, abstract messages and a variety of intonations and flow changes, accompanying a very marked metric.

The album is surprising for being a concept album, published at a time when what works are singles, and also for being a rap album where sincere tribute is paid to the pop music made in Spain during the last 50 years through artistic nods to singers and ensembles as disparate as Serrat, Nino Bravo, Los Chunguitos or El Último de la Fila, among others.

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