Solk’s second album “Nus” is published on Friday.

It’s a CD book with 10 tracks and texts and photos by various authors that accompany and help place the group’s songs.
It is divided into two parts, “La llera dels dies” (the stream of days), about memory and “D’arrels I de branques” (of roots and branches), about popular culture.

After publishing “Herència” their first album-book in 2017 and being finalists in the 2018 Enderrock Awards for the best album and the best folk song, and also in the 2017 Ovidi Awards for Valencian music as Group revelation and Best folk album , Solk now release their second album again in disc book format.

Musically, “Nus” is made up of two distinct parts: La llera dels dies which is a trilogy about memory, and consists of Absència, an 11th century poem by the Tortoise poet Abu Bakr al Turtuxí set to music by Solk, followed by Els marges de l’oblit, which talks about Franco’s repression, and finally, Vingueren, which deals with refugees. The other part is D’arrels i de branques, which includes El cirerer, based on a traditional song, Les barques grogues, a seafaring song, País de sorra, based on a touch of sweetness from Les Useres, De gust, Pega- li la volta, a hardcore style jota, Correfoc which talks about the dances of demons, and Batre, an experimentation on drumming songs.

As for the book, it includes the lyrics of the songs accompanied by texts signed by Josep Piera, Eva Máñez, Iman Moutaouakil Boujnani, Amanda Prats, Carme Cruelles, Alícia Coscollano, Neus Olives, Raül Sanchís and Javier Sebastià Redó and photographs by Manel Bellver, Eva Máñez, Paula Aler Moreno, Paolo Donadei, Maite Sanmartin, David Segarra and Tòfol Cruz.

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