Kasba Music will be 20 years old next year

As a commemoration we will publish a very special collection of eleven vinyls.

It is based on three axes: tribute to musicians who are no longer here, recognition of the importance of music in the lives of the two managers of Kasba and highlighting the work done during these years.

KASBA MUSIC was created in 2004, releasing its first album on September 13 of that same year.

That first album published on September 13, 2004 was also the first album by the Barcelona group La Kinky Beat, an album called “Made in Barna” and of which more than 5000 physical copies were sold in CD format.

To commemorate these 20 years, we announce the publication of a collection made up of 11 vinyls that will be published throughout 2024, one every month with the exception of August, and that revolves around three axes:

  • Recognition tribute to musicians who have worked with Kasba and unfortunately are no longer with us.
  • Importance of music in the life trajectory of Amparo and Joni, managers of Kasba Music.
  • To value the work done during these twenty years.

The collection:

Fermin Muguruza Kontrabanda. Legendary album recorded live at Apolo 20 years ago.
Release date: 1/19/2024

Pixamandúrries, “Dels rics i dels pobres”. The album that collects the best moment of the band.
Release date: 2/16/2024

“Dones/Mujeres en la Kasba”, Various Artists. Women at the forefront of the artistic project.
Release date: 3/8/2024

TNT, “Una bomba desactivada”. The record that does justice to the Granada band and Jesús Arias.
Release date: 4/26/2024

“Catalunya explota”, Various Artists. The best current Catalan punk/hardcore bands.
Release date: 5/17/2024

Maniática, “El lado oscuro”. Finally on vinyl one of the best demos of the 90s in Spain.
Release date: 6/7/2024

Cristian Dios, “Malas tierras”. Cult band from Barcelona in the 80s and 90s. Recorded in 1991.
Release date: 7/5/2024

La Kinky Beat, “Made in Barna”. Kasba’s first CD, finally on vinyl. 20 years later.
Release date: 9/13/2024

Color Humano, “Zumo de vida”. Compilation of hits in tribute to José Capel.
Release date: 10/18/2024

“Barcelona Sound”, Diversos Artistes. Greatest hits including Bongo Botrako, La Pegatina, La KInky Beat…
Release date: 11/8/2024

Sagarroi, “Topa Iñigo!”. The most emotional record of the collection. Great tribute to Iñigo Muguruza.
Release date: 12/5/2024

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