Brot Bord and Fly Shit release their split album tomorrow

They thus confirm the twinning between the Basque and Catalan groups

Between alternative rock and hardcore they explore the various aspects of the most distorted music

This Friday, “Fly Shit eta Brot Bord” is published, the album with a title without much brainstorming where the Basque band Fly Shit comes face to face with the Catalan formation Brot Bord.
The relationship between the two groups goes back a long way, when Pere (guitarist and singer of Brot Bord) was a member of Ràbia Positiva and they had shared the stage on several occasions. A couple of years ago the proposal arose to do something together and finally the idea was formalized at the beginning of this 2023, the two bands were working on new subjects and it was easy to make the decision to make a shared LP, which commonly in the hardcore scene it is called a split.
It’s a direct, raw album, where the two bands let their skin down as only non-professional bands know how to do. Not professionals in the economic sense of the word, because if we talk exclusively about music, professionalism is undoubtedly one of the standards of the two formations. Its members make a living from other jobs and when they make songs they do it because they want to, because they need it, and then they rip off their skin.
Brot Bord is a band from the Vallès formed by a plumber, a teacher and a gardener open to everything that happens musically in alternative rock, hardcorepunk, powermetal or posthardcore, influences that grow with each recording making a rock of its own identity and without any ties of style. They have published three self-published EPs.
Fly Shit, on the other hand, were formed at the end of the 90s, in Bergara (Guipúscoa). The quartet formed by Eloy, Seti, Ander and Iker, in the three decades linked to the underground and D.I.Y scene, has evolved keeping its roots in hardcore, but incorporating other sounds, sometimes pulling into posthardcore , others in crossover, punk-rock or even alternative rock.
Apart from the similar musical tastes and the way of understanding hardcore, or punk rock, in which they have a lot in common, one of the main ideas of the album is that from Do It Together, in addition to bringing together friendship and the attitudes to do things, have brought together two minoritized languages giving it the value of commitment and brotherhood between the respective peoples.

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