Already on the musical platforms”Detotarrel”, Nour’s third album

NOUR was Yacine Belahcene’s second project
“Detotarrel” was his third album made in collaboration with Plataforma per la Llengua and Enderrock
It includes collaborations from renowned artists such as Gerard Quintana, Joan Garriga or Beth Rodergas

After the separation of Cheb Balowski, Yacine Belahcene (voice) joined Guillamino (programming and keyboards) and Rubio (guitar) to form Nour, soon after the group took definitive form with the participation of Olalla Castro (voice, currently recognized poet) and Pablo Potenzoni (drums). With this formation, in 2007, it was released his first album “Papier Mullat”.

A year later, with the replacement of Guillamino by Stèphane Carteaux and the inclusion of bassist Manolo López, the group published its second work, “En blanc” and performed in territories as far away as Algeria, Morocco, Argentina or Mexico, and finally in 2009 was released his third and last album, “Detotarrel”.
This work, carried out as a linguistic tool with the support of the Plataforma per la Llengua and Enderrock, was distributed free of charge by Enderrock magazine and published exclusively in CD format, without being published on digital platforms.

Now, taking advantage of the 20th anniversary of Kasba Music, we are carrying out a research task in our archives to make unreleased, old and forgotten recordings available to the public for free. Monthly, as a complement to the collection of vinyls to commemorate these 20 years, we will be hanging these rarities with the objective that our commemoration will not be just a mere commercial object.

The album includes ten own songs, all performed in collaboration with several Catalan artists, many of them from diverse backgrounds. On the one hand we find renowned singers such as Gerard Quintana, Beth Rodergas, Guillamino or Joan Garriga, but on the other artists such as Famiya Khan (from the Shur-Rong group), Babacar Gaye (from Black Baudelaire), Nikol Collars (from 08001) or Byron y Llanero (from Unidos por el Flow), a wide sample of what was the music that was made in Barcelona in those years.

The members of Nour made a great effort in this project and also counted on the complicity of all the participating artists, and the result is an emotional work that ends with a choral version of “Venim del nod, venim del sud” by Lluís Llach in which also includes the now widely recognized choir, Voces y Música para la Integración.

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