“Podrem parlar”, the new single by Santi Eizaguirre, has already been published

Santi Eizaguirre presents “Podrem parlar”
It is the first preview of his third solo album
The former guitarist of Cheb Balowski presents a project rich in nuances and with a careful production

“Podrem parlar” already on the platforms, the first preview of what will be Santi Eizaguirre’s new solo album: “Com un secon orìgen”. The song is an adaptation in Catalan of the song “On va se aimer encore” by the Quebec singer-songwriter Vincent Vallières.

Originally published in 2009, Eizaguirre learned about the song during the spring of 2018, during a research stay that led him to live for six months in Montreal. In his Catalan adaptation, Santi Eizaguirre has dressed up what originally is a pop ballad with electronic nuances and an environment of post-industrial contours.

For production and mixing, Eizaguirre has counted on the direction of Stéphane Carteaux, former member of Color Humano and producer of Cheb Balowski’s last two albums. Together with the programming and keyboards of Carteaux and also together with the guitars of Fletcher Ventura, the vocals were recorded in Aclam Studio in Barcelona during December 2021. The mastering was done in Yves Roussel’s studio, also in Barcelona.

Santi Eizaguirre: (…) “It’s a song that speaks of the passage of time. In it I find a reflection on knowing we are accompanied and pedaling forward in a world in crisis…”

“Podrem parlar” comes out accompanied by a video, the work of the collective of video artists Taller Estampa. The video, which applies the found-footage technique, remixes fragments of films and archival documentaries.

With the publication of this single Santi Eizaguirre is promoting the micro-patronage campaign associated with the album “Com un secon orígen”. The album that is scheduled to be released on June 14 this year will be presented live from next fall.

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