Rat-Zinger realease tomorrow their new single, “Bala per capita”

“Bala per capita”, is the song that gives the title to his new album
The album will be published on February 23rd

“We are the children of contradirection, the result of total insubordination, sin and crime made us live in the best years…”

Says the second verse of this single, the first song of the album. It would sound very typical if the term “declaration of intentions” is used, but those who use Rat-zinger know that each of the six twists, stanzas or simple phrases is a declaration of intentions, or rather a declaration of war.

It depends on how you interpret it.

“Bala Per Cápita” is a song that aims to become a classic in his extensive repertoire, with this tall 100% Rat, without fissures, but with the fresh air brought by the new formation with Dann Hoyos as new guitar. Who is his substituting Javi Puñales.

Amphetamine velocity with some guitar harmonies that operate the sonorous spectrum of the four genes of the Santa Calavera.

Recorded at O.S. Records by Oscar Streamline (the band’s sound technician for a whole decade), this seventh studio album has a total of eleven new tracks, eleven shoots on, so as it is usual on them, criticizes also everything, black even white. Kutxi Romero [Marea], Martillo [The Capaces] or Kosta Vázquez [Boikot] have collaborated with the band.

The cover is by Luis Sendón, whom Niko Vazquez and Iker Sarabia accompanied in the previous process and the design has been assigned to Gaboni.

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