Already on the platforms “T’en recordes” by Santi Eizaguirre

You can now find the second preview of Santi Eizaguirre’s new album on the platforms
“Te’n recordes” is an introspection that reaches back to his time as Cheb Balowski’s guitarist
The artistic video clip shows Eizaguirre cycling through the Raval with own drawings by the animation factory Taller Estampa.

Santi Eizaguirre has published a new preview of what will be his new solo album: “Com un segon orígen”. The song, “Te’n recordes” takes a look at the social and musical movement that at the beginning of the twenty-first century was camouflaged in the labels of Barcelona’s miscegenation.

Eizaguirre commemorates the effervescent moments he lived with Cheb Balowski. The song addresses the bright and dark of the generation that was a teenager during the post-Olympic Barcelona.

Santi Eizaguirre: (…) “My generation, as it must happen with all others, I would say that we have grown up marked by a good list of self-delusions. It seems to us that they have sneaked it into us by doing- to believe that we were children of the best games in history and at the same time a product of the best store in the world.”

For production and mixing, Eizaguirre has had the direction of Stéphane Carteaux (Color Humano), producer of Cheb Balowski’s last two albums. It has also featured the guitars of Fletcher Ventura. The vocals were recorded at Aclam Studio in Barcelona during December 2021 and the mastering was done at Yves Roussel’s studio also in Barcelona.

The video clip shows us Eizaguirre cycling through the Raval neighborhood and applies the rotoscoping technique in a signature treatment of the house, typical of the avant-garde animation factory Taller Estampa.

With the publication of this single Santi Eizaguirre is promoting the publication of the album “Com un segun origen”. The album, which is scheduled to be released on June 14 this year, will be presented live from next fall.

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