TNT publish and present their posthumous album

“Una bomba desactivada” has been published
This is TNT’s posthumous album and the fourth vinyl from Kasba Music’s 20th anniversary collection.
It is a tribute to Jesús Arias and the album that TNT always deserved

“Una bomba desactivada” is without a doubt the album that TNT always deserved.

That band that in 1983 published its only album, “Manifiesto Guernika”, which due to its compositional quality, its texts and the artistic philosophy that it incorporated in the concept, automatically converted TNT into a cult band, got together in 2000 in Jesús Arias’ house and with a four-track table mix by Jose Antonio García theybegan to record some songs that would end up being the basis of this work.

Jose Antonio had ended his career with 091 and together with Angel Doblas and Jesús Arias, they started the “Eclipse” project, recording the songs “Son de negros en Cuba”, “Amor en Sarajevo”, “Eclipse”, “En un sueño viniste” and “Agonia, agonia”. But the project suffered a twist and they decided to re-record that legendary 1983 album, but this time with the technical conditions and sound quality that they were unable to have 17 years ago. At that time, already in Angel Doblas’ studio, “Cucarachas”, “El jardin extranjero”, “Guernika”, “Gilmore 77”, “Habitación 101”, “Deberías tener cuidado” and “Nadsat” were recorded again.

But with all this recorded material, the project has no continuity and 10 years later Jesús Arias and Angel Doblas set up Qüasar and release the album “Eclipse parcial de lunas” with some of the unreleased songs that TNT had recorded in that first batch in 2000.

Now, as a tribute to Jesús Arias, Kasba Music, under the initiative of TNT, publishes this album, which includes all those recordings and which in the vinyl edition is part of the 20th anniversary collection of the Barcelona label.

A bomb that will no longer explode, but that left us a trace that will never be erased: TNT.

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