Rock de Kasba releases an EP recorded live by Ratpenat

They are 5 tracks recorded at the concert celebrating their 5th anniversary.
With the album they also commemorate the 50 years of Mikki, their singer.

Ratpenat’s prolific career continues and nothing better to celebrate his five years of career than releasing an EP with 5 songs, one per year, recorded live at the commemorative concert that took place at La Deskomunal in Barcelona last 28 of January.

We are talking about a prolific career since during these 5 years Ratpenat have published 3 albums and 3 singles to which this new work is added, in addition to having performed a handful of performances.

The disc includes two tracks from each of his first two albums and a song from his latest work and was recorded by Marc Gual from Attack 1 Estudi and edited, mixed and mastered by Xavi Escribano at EM Estudi in Terrassa.

The EP also serves as a birthday present for Mikki, the singer of Ratpenat, who has just turned 50.

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