Lasta Sanco’s new single and video is published tomorrow

“Allez”, the new single from Cervera’s band Lasta Sanco, is published tomorrow. With it they intend to welcome the new guitarist of the band, Virginia Borràs, “Virgi” and for this reason they have chosen such an explicit title, “Allez means to continue, to go forward, that’s how to say – let’s go!”. It is a positive imperative and with it we encourage the audience to push forward with what is proposed and above all to share interculturality, which is one of the things with which we feel most identified as a group. At the same time we say it to Virgi, and we say it to ourselves, new energy – Let’s go!”.

Like its last album “Renéixer”, the song was recorded at the home of Manel Pedrós Vila, the group’s sound technician, and produced by Dario Diaz Valverde, a member of the group who left the guitar to dedicate himself exclusively to the production of new songs.

In “Allez” we find the collaboration of Gerund singer Erik Sánchez, leader of Trópiko and the video is filmed in the premises of the Cervera company Sound de Secà. The production of the video and the new photographs has been carried out, as in previous occasions, by Núria Pulido, a regular collaborator of the group, making this work, once again, a zero kilometer work in its entirety, which serves them to follow claiming its closest territory.

With the video, an attempt has been made to welcome Virgi through a community meal, at the same time that he was invited and received Erik Sánchez “Trópiko”, by sharing dishes from other cultures in a brotherhood meal.

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