Now on the platforms “Atracament” the new single and video of the unforeseable Ratpenades

“Atracament” is Ratpenades’ calling card.
It’s at the same time the first preview of the next album by the female power trio from Lleida.
Unpredictable, between the most daring rock’n’roll and punk but flirting with surf rock and other trends, they bring (very) fresh air to the scene.

Ratpenades is an accelerated rock band that flirts with a multitude of styles from ease and humor. Usually associated with the rural punk movement, musically the group goes much further (as demonstrated in the first video-single from their first album) and in their songs we find references to surf rock, B-rock and other trends. The group was formed in December 2019 in the Lleida area, but it was not until January 2021 that the band consolidated with Karol on guitar, Virgi on bass, and Vero on drums.

This power trio brings a storm of fresh air to the scene, fusing the three voices in an explosive live performance, where unpredictability is an important attraction. In just three years they have played a hundred stages sharing the bill with renowned bands, both international and local. Without mincing words and without a predominant language (they sing in Catalan as well as in Spanish or English), they are here to enjoy and build an atmosphere of uncertainty full of good humor and fun.

The song “Atracament” was recorded in the “El Zulo” studio in Almacelles (Lleida) by Txabi Abrego and mixed and mastered in “EM Estudi” in Terrassa by Xavi Escribano, like the rest of the songs that make up their first album, with the exception of two songs recorded in 2022 at Figuerosa and which have now been mixed and mastered again at EM Estudi.

This first work by the band from Lleida will be released next May in vinyl and CD format and will be able to find on digital platforms too. As an introduction to this album, on Friday, March 15, the video clip “Atracament” was presented, recorded at the Trivial pub in Lleida by the director and author of short films such as “Silent Agony” (2011) or “Condamned” (2018), Octavi Espuga.

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