T.O.C. They have published “Quién te crees?”, their second single and video.

The band from Madrid T.O.C. presented his second single, “Quién te crees?”, a new exercise of musical freedom, without dogmas, with a lot of strength and the wisdom that experience brings.

If their first advance “Fue un error” was a song full of color, with melody and diverse nuances, a powerpop ode to emotional rupture, from a distance, which is well reflected in its video clip, this second single offers us a song that is born from darkness and confronts us with a sonic wall, with a drum set and a forceful bass line very close to the eighties concept of groups like: Killing Joke or Bauhaus and with guitar lines bordering on dissonance that bring to mind bands current as Metz.

“Quién te crees?” It is about a dark, non-empathetic, manipulative, abusive person, with an air of superiority that engulfs you, and how it is necessary to move forward to leave this type of people behind; for this reason, the video has been treated in black and white, playing with the contrast of light and darkness.

The band will perform live on May 17 at the Starving room in Madrid.

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