New Beats presents Lasta Sanco’s new single

It is an introspective theme that shows the mood of the group in a moment of doubt.

It’s called “Dime” and it was done in a choral way with the participation of all the members.

Lasta Sanco have presented the second single and preview video of their second album that will be released on May 19.

The title of this second preview is “Dime” and it is a reflective theme created from the beginning collectively by all the members of the group. The lyrics question one’s own actions and decisions and show the fear of starting again or continuing a long and exhausting path, without falling into the same traps, trying to move forward.
In short, it aims to make the journey a learning experience and is a clear example of Lasta Sanco’s state of mind at a specific moment, after the frustrations of his first album released a week before the confinement.
The musical part wants to accompany the message, which is the most important part of the theme.
As for the video clip, it has been intended to show in an artistic way (through body expression and dance and in a natural environment) the sensations that the lyrics expose.

Technical team:
Direction, recording and editing: Núria Pulido
Recording assistant: Natàlia Morales
Dancer: Rita Costa
Drone pilot: Marlon

Thanks: Esther Llopis, Christian Terribas, Ariadna Terribas, Álvaro Lió.

Lasta Sanco (Last chance in Esperanto) were created in Cervera at the end of 2017 and at the beginning of 2019 they published their presentation EP, “Perdita kompaso” (Lost Compass). A year later, on February 14, 2020, and encouraged by the reception of the previous one, they released their first album, “Elonga Ya Ngo” (This is our victory in Lingala, Berni’s familiar language) that despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic they were able to present at some of the most representative festivals in the country such as the Live Music Market in Vic.

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